A Minecraft server with focus on technical play on the latest version of the game.

About Us

EndTech is an international technical Minecraft server that started back in May 2019.

We began in 1.14 with the goal of updating on each stable release in order to push each latest Minecraft version to its limit; end-gaming everything, with the latest technology.
After an accidental deletion of our world in July 2020, we have started anew on a perfect new seed, with end portals next to all important farms. This allows us to reach our end goal. Our mission, from which we also derive our name, is to have every farm send their drops to our main storage through the end.
To assist us, we use some "Vanilla+" technical mods. These help us with keeping lag to a minimum, as well as making certain resources renewable without the need to dupe.

Each EndTech member takes satisfaction in developing anything from efficient farms to fun machinery and best of all, we have the ideal community to co-operate with and support each other.
Do you share our goals and thoughts? Join the discord below!